Collection: November Pasta Workshops with Aurora Echo and Renée Blair


Meet your Instructors!

Aurora Echo, Founding Artisan of Wildly Beloved Foods

Aurora's pasta story started organically, where 15 years ago she wanted to fulfill a craving for delicious spinach pasta. After years of perfecting a recipe that was built upon Italian semolina flour and fresh baby spinach she answered her calling and formed Wildly Beloved Foods in Clinton, Washington on beautiful Whidbey Island.

Renée Blair of Nourish the Roots 

( and @nourishtheroots on Instagram)

Renée grew up in an Italian family in New York, where she was exposed to traditional Italian cuisine from birth. She grew up watching and helping her parents cook and quickly fell in love with all things food. She has been making fresh pasta at home for many years and has cooked in professional kitchens and as a private chef, teaches cooking classes, and has worked as a recipe developer and food photographer. Her specialty is cooking whole, traditional, seasonal foods, using the highest quality, local, organic ingredients, that nourish the body on all levels. Renée will be attending a farm-to-table culinary program at the legendary Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in Sicily, Italy this winter, where she will learn even more about traditional Italian foodways and cuisine.