Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging is the most sustainable packaging for our planet.

For our dried pasta, we use Elevate Packaging and their compostable packaging (cello bags, blank labels on sheets, and reseal tape) that meets ASTM D6400 guidelines from the FTC. They guarantee their compostable packaging do not contain BPA, GMO ingredients, or animal products, and are made of sustainably-sourced wood cellulose and other bio-based resins.

According to Elevate Packaging: There is not yet an international standard specifying the conditions for home composting of biodegradable plastics, nor is there a home composting standard in the USA. We encourage customers to include our products in their home compost. Our compostable packaging will decompose in a reasonable time and is non-toxic - resulting in healthy compost to regenerate the soil. Due to differences in climate and individual home compost bins, time to decompose may vary. The speed and efficacy of composting are largely determined by factors such as: local climate, season, carbon-nitrogen mix, and air circulation. Where possible the Elevate Packaging founder has personally verified compostability in his own home composting (Illinois, USA).

For our fresh pasta, we use Good Natured Products GoodGuard tamper-evident clamshell packaging that is ASTM D6400 compliant based on FTC guidelines, made from 99% plant-based materials. At this time, the labels on our fresh pasta packaging are not compostable and we are working to find adequate compostable labels for our fresh pasta clamshell packaging. You can remove the labels and add the clamshell in your home composting system. 

According to Good Natured Products: The GoodGuard fresh line of clamshells with its patented dual hinged design keeps the lid and base together once the seal is broken, and doesn't have the typical tearaway plastic strip that escapes into the environment. Where applicable, this 99% plant-based packaging is Certified Compostable PLA, and Curbside Recyclable Bio-PET.

Compostable packaging is the best alternative to petroleum-based plastics, and at Wildly Beloved Foods, we are determined to create a legacy of delicious foods, sustainably. We strive to use compostable packaging every where that we can, to minimize impact to landfills and oceans.

  • Wildly Beloved Foods Cavatelli Colorati 10oz.

    Elevate Packaging

    We use Elevate Packaging and their compostable packaging for our dried pasta.

  • Wildly Beloved Foods Lasagna fresh 16oz

    Good Natured Products

    We use Good Natured Products and their compostable clamshell packaging for our fresh pasta.


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