Italian Organic Artisan Pasta

Every Monday All Fresh Pasta is 25% off in-store!! Freshly-frozen pasta is 25% off everyday in-store.

Wildly Beloved Foods Marketplace has dried and fresh pastas, locally infused olive oils, pasta-making tools, and locally made ceramics to purchase. Fresh pasta selections are updated weekly. Click the Marketplace Fresh Pasta link above to see what is available.

Marketplace Hours:

Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

On Saturdays and Sundays come find us at the farmers markets:

Woodinville & Everett

6348 Frost Ave. Clinton, WA 98236

For Marketplace and wholesale inquiries, please call (360) 321-5000.

Artfully crafted from Certified Organic Italian Semolina flour, local eggs from Daycreek Organic Farms, and organic baby spinach on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington.

Pastas extruded through water-cooled bronze dies of a Bottene pasta machine, made in Italy. Slowly air-dried for exceptional taste and reduced cooking time. Packaged in compostable materials.

Want our pasta in your favorite Puget Sound area Grocer?

Tell your local grocer you would love our fresh or dried USDA Organic, Safer Gluten pasta. They can contact Puget Sound Food Hub, our local farmers cooperative wholesale distributer for information.

Puget Sound Food Hub Website

Packaged in home-compostable materials for current and future generations.

Wildly Beloved Foods began as a craving for fresh spinach pasta, and evolved into a pasta showcase made from the world’s finest Italian flours and freshest hand-crafted organic ingredients.

  • Your Choice of Pasta Shape

    Casarecce scrolls, Campanelle bells, Conchiglie shells, Fettuccine ribbons, Fusilli springs, Gemelli twists, Lasagna sheets, Pappardelle wide noodles, Pappardelle Undulate undulating ribbons, Rigatoni tubes, thin Spaghetti noodles, or Trottole tops! Whether you're fanatical about your favorites or captivated by new shapes, get organic artisan pasta in a shape to fit any dish.

  • Your Choice of Pasta Ingredients

    The star of the show is organic semolina flour from Molino Grassi flour mill in Italy. Our semolina pasta is naturally vegan, just organic flour and pure water. You can also get nutritious add-ins like organic spinach and/or hand-cracked organic eggs. The pasta is extruded through bronze dies in a water-cooled machine for the highest quality pasta you can find!

~ Customer Reviews ~

* * * * *

“Aurora, the pasta you shared with me is truly dreamy!!! 🤩 Thank you!!! You've got a beautiful product! And now I must have more 😂. Evey's slurping up noodles as we speak. I just put a tiny bit of pesto and lemon on them, so we could enjoy the flavor of the noodles. Magnifique!”

* * * * *

"Made my four year old the Fettuccine with egg and organic semolina and asked her what she thought about it. 'Good,' was the response between bites. Absolutely delicious."

* * * * *

"Couldn't wait so I tried a little of your gorgeous pasta with cashew butter and fresh ground pepper. Beautiful texture and flavor. Very much looking forward to feeding some to my daughter tomorrow!"

* * * * *

"Thank you for making amazing pasta. I cannot eat pasta from the USA. I tried your product without any problems. When I was in Italy I was able to eat the pasta and bread. Thank you again for making your pasta available to purchase online!"

* * * * *

“Terrific! I did sample your product, and I have to say that it's excellent in every way. Taste, texture, appearance. Stunning!”

* * * * *

“We had your pasta for dinner last night, holy awesomeness!! It was perfection, thank you for sharing!!”