A Spinach Pasta Story


Over 15 years ago, from somewhere deep in my childhood memories, I had a strong craving to eat delicious spinach pasta. Sounds amazing, yes? Only, I could not buy it at local grocery stores or even the posh health food markets of the day. If I were going to eat it, I would have to teach myself to make it. So I did!

From my instinctive, rustic style of cooking, recipes would generally evoke rebellion from me. The recipe for Spinach Pasta called for using frozen spinach and squeezing the water out, which for a foodie who values nutrition, was sacrilege. I made it then the same way I make it today--from fresh organic baby spinach puréed and combined with organic semolina. 

I now live on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington, with two little girls whose appetites for it never cease, along with a robust and flourishing organic pasta company, Wildly Beloved Foods. Transitioning from homemade in my kitchen to small-batch food production was as organic as the ingredients I use. Now I artfully craft organic pasta in my Bottene, a beautiful Italian-made pasta extruder from the oldest pasta manufacturing family in Italy. I have always loved sharing food with family and friends, and now I get to share it with many more through Wildly Beloved Foods.

At the heart is Molino Grassi Italian organic semolina flour, a Safer Gluten for all!

This pasta is made with organic Italian semolina flour grown and milled in Parma, Italy.  We offer four pasta doughs: Semolina Pasta, Semolina & Egg Pasta, Spinach Pasta, and Spinach & Egg Pasta. 

The dried pasta is then packaged in 100% home-compostable bags with compostable labels and compostable reseal tape. This packaged product will not contribute to the landfills and ocean's plastics. Wildly Beloved Foods creates a legacy of delicious foods, sustainably.  


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The Process