Organic Integrity

Wildly Beloved Foods is proud to be the first Certified Organic operation in the United States to use Molino Grassi Italian Organic semolina flour.

This document is the Molino Grassi Certificate of Analysis, required to ensure organic integrity of the flour we source from Molino Grassi in Parma, Italy. As you may see below, it is a three page document that lists the analysis and results for 98 highly toxic and harmful chemicals. The result is N.R., meaning none reported. All of our pastas are made from this flour. 

The chemicals listed include more commonly know chemicals such as 2,4 D, a common lawn chemical used by maintenance and parks and recreation agencies for schools, parks and golf courses, and is available for home use in this country. For more information on this chemical and others, visit

Intended to be used in fields of GMO crops, 2,4-D is a pesticide that been linked to a higher risk of Parkinson's disease, immune system problems and hypothyroidism. This toxic chemical is used by homeowners and commercial growers alike, but farmers and farm workers are particularly at risk of being harmed by exposure.

Another chemical to note is Chlorpyrifos, listed in two forms, both toxic and undetected. Chlorpyrifos is an agricultural pesticide that has been widely used in California’s Central Valley, where most of the produce, grains, fruits and nuts are grown for the entire country. It is a neuro-toxin and is particularly harmful to the developing brains of children. It has been linked to autism in children from prenatal exposure. A woman’s placenta acts as a fetal programmer, where exposure to certain chemicals then shapes development and the formation of disorders and disease. 

We all live together in one global community. We are all exposed to chemicals, some much more than others. At Wildly Beloved Foods, we have made choices in growing this business to become one that nourishes and nurtures, to protect and provide for current and future generations. From organic ingredients, to compostable packaging, we are doing our very best to reduce impact and exposure. Onward and upward, for the love of Italian Organic Artisan Pasta!