• Seacrest Ceramics by Michelle Bach

    Michelle Bach is a ceramic artist and proprietor of Seacrest Ceramics, nestled in the heart of Whidbey Island. Working with stoneware clays and a vibrant palette of glazes, she crafts each piece with her passion for bringing life into art. They are intended to be used, shared, and cherished. She derives satisfaction from the knowledge that her creations are chosen to foster nourishment and connection.

  • Whidbey Wood Girl by Amber Hawkins

    Amber Hawkins is a long time local Whidbey Islander that has very busy hands and loves being creative. She's been a woodworker for about 7 years, making signs, turnings and live edge furniture. She recently gave herself the time and permissions to pursue a lifelong desire to learn pottery and now wishes she hadn't waited so long! She is having a blast learning how glazes work and creating beautiful combinations that flow and interact with each other.

  • Baroquen Pottery by Lindsey Strand-Polyak

    Lindsey Strand-Polyak is a local Whidbey Island creative who brings the feeling of comfort, generosity and abundance to her pottery. This Baroquen style pottery is hand-formed and made with love.

  • Golden Ginkgo Studio by Jane Fung

    Jane's hand-crafted ceramics are a snapshot of the peace and quiet found on Whidbey Island. Each piece captures natural forms and patterns, affording a moment to pick up tranquility and put down the stresses of modern life. For Jane, ceramics have become a way to get back in touch with a feeling of inner calm and natural order. Every piece she makes is infused with joy, whether it's the joy of foraging local plants, visiting local herbalists for inspiration, or getting lost in the moment through the hum of a pottery wheel. Jane sincerely hopes her work imparts a feeling of awe and wonder onto you.